Cartography for the new millennium


Who is making new maps? Modern cartography is a sterile and scientific process resulting in ubiquitous maps of the world. Street maps and now even our own houses can be viewed on home computers as the images are beamed back to us from space. Gone are the maps of old that illustrated not only the known world, but also the unknown and imagined world. Winds were illustrated around their borders along with strange mythical creatures to show that there may be danger in these parts.


These works are new maps for the new millennium. They are an attempt to illustrate through abstraction how we look at our world now, with fractured images and composite photography, through a new dimension we call cyberspace.


"A man sets out to draw the world. As the years go by, he peoples a space with images of provinces, kingdoms, mountains, bays, ships, islands, fishes, rooms, instruments, stars, horses, and individuals. A short time before he dies, he discovers that the patient labyrinth of lines traces the lineaments of his own face." --Jorges Luis Borges




When We Made Love the First Time

collage 109 x 50 cm

(print only)

Beamtenherrschaft I (Bureaucracy I)

collage and mixed media 122 x 82 cm

(NZD 1160)

Beamtenherrschaft II (Bureaucracy II)

collage and mixed media 104 x 101 cm

(NZD 1160)

Beamtenherrschaft III (Bureaucracy III)

collage and mixed media 120 x 74 cm

(NZD 1160)

The Aleph I

collage 78 x 100 cm

(NZD 1160)

Antithesis of Chaos

collage and mixed media 80 x 80 cm 

(NZD 850)

Mappa Mundi I

collage 118 x 67 cm

(print only)

The Absolute Name III

22 cm (diameter)

(NZD 220)

Catch Tomorrow

collage and mixed media 100 x 78 cm

(NZD 850)


collage and mixed media 60 x 53 cm

(NZD 475)

Worlds Without End

collage 108 x 50 cm

(NZD 850)

Unordnung I (Disorder I)

collage 116 x 79 cm

(NZD 1060)

Rose of Yesterday

collage 70 x 81 cm


I Dream You

collage 114 x 92 cm

(NZD 1160)

The Absolute Name I

globe 21 cm (diameter)

(NZD 220)

Beyond Love

collage and mixed media 140 x 91.5 cm

(NZD 1160)

The Absolute Name II

globe 17 cm (diameter)

(NZD 220)

No Man's Land

collage and paint  50 x 36 cm

(NZD 350)

Acoustic Horizon I 

collage and mixed media 48 x 39 cm

(print only)

Acoustic Horizon II

collage and mixed media 60 x 53 cm

(NZD 475)

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