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debut cd release


The electronic/acoustic duo Fear Up Harsh is releasing a debut double cd.


Fear Up Harsh is: Jeffrey Gane, percussion, zither, melodica and voice and Michael Ferriss, synthesizers, piano and sound treatments treatments.

Each piece on the album is excerpted from live studio sessions recorded over the past two years. The percussion is treated through various sound effect processors and loops are also used along with synthesizers and voice. All of the music is improvised and there is no sequencing or pre-programming which helps to create a very organic feel to the electronic sounds that blend with the acoustic percussion in multi rhythms that intersect and break apart producing a kind of edgy tension.


Influenced by African, Middle Eastern and Indian polyrhythm, the music of Fear Up Harsh is a re-textualising of drums and percussive instruments by treating them through electronic effects and synthesizers to create rhythmic and textural soundscapes. The Western appropriation of the drum was to make it a purely percussive instrument and to remove the textural elements that is found in the traditional African and Middle Eastern drums, where they used (and still use) various rattles and shakers hanging from their drums, making them as much a textural instrument as well as percussive.


The release is a double cd with close to two hours of music, spanning a wide range of styles. Many of the tracks have a filmic quality to them which explains why some of the music Fear Up Harsh have been making is included in a US/NZ short film due for release in the near future.

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