That's me standing outside the GCHQ in Cheltenham, UK, the massive spy base that occupies 15 square miles of land and is the centre for all of the UK's government surveillance operations. They did not like me taking photos of their building, but that's another story.


I am interested in how technology impacts on our lives and its part in the construction of the social world. My first series of pictures was about how we view the world through our computers--a new cartography for the cyber age. This lead me on to the subject of surveillance, the theme of my current exhibition, and how certain agencies view the world and its inhabitants through satellites and computer techology. Taking this very real social issue and abstracting it into pictures is what I have attempted to do. 


This subject of technology and humanity can also be found in my music and the concepts therein, such as A World Without Music and Not Quite the 21st Century. While they have a distopian theme running through them there is the indefatiguable spirit of humankind that will always shine through. I believe art, in all its forms, holds the key to possibility; to beauty and to ugliness and everything in between. And just as the universe is infinite, so too is art and all things creative. 





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